Faculty Plus


Teacher education program transcripts for graduates from programs ending in the spring or summer of 2015 should be received by the College by July 1, if possible.

For applicants who complete their teacher education program before September 1, 2015, but will not graduate until after that date, the College will accept a teacher education transcript sent directly by the institution without a degree conferral statement provided the transcript indicates that the degree requirements for the program of professional education have been met ("degree requirements met" or "program complete") or the Registrar, by separate cover letter, confirms that the program has been completed and specifies the title of the degree and the date that the degree will be conferred. These transcripts may be sent in bulk with one accompanying letter covering all the transcripts enclosed with the letter from the Registrar. The College will proceed to certification prior to September 1, 2015 provided it receives all of the other necessary documents.